How to Ship to Canada

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A Definitive Guide on How to Ship to Canada

You have a prospect buyer who is interested in your manufactured products – but you are located in the United States and they are located in Canada.

You want to sell packaged goods, packed products, stuff, and truck it, but you’ve heard a lot about the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), commercial invoicing, customs clearance, tariffs, and the storage penalties you might suffer if your shipment to Canada is delayed or fails to arrive. 

Relax, we’ve compiled a list of helpful hints for you to show you how to ship to Canada cheap. When we’re through here, you’ll be begging for another Canadian product order, just so you can demonstrate your impressive cross-border trucking abilities once again.

How to Ship to Canada Fundamentals.

Cross border logistics at the most fundamental level, there are a few important things to understand:

  • Customs brokerage services are required for all shipments to and from Canada.
  • A Bill of Lading as well as a Canadian Commercial Invoice are required (CCI)
  • The value of the shipment must be specified on the Commercial Invoice.
  • Fees are paid by the person who receives the gift. 
  • The national holidays of Canada are different from those in the United States.

Customs Brokers

Customs brokerage services are required for all freight shipments to and from Canada. The customs broker is in charge of clearing products into another nation and negotiating the customs protocol, among other responsibilities. At Paige Logistics, we help you determine the right carrier and manage all the paperwork alongside our customs broker that specializes in Canadian and US customs brokerage services.

All the paperwork

At Paige Logistics, we are here to help, otherwise doing it on your own can bring complications. This is when the paperwork comes into play. You’ll fill out a Bill of Lading just like you would for any other shipment, but there’s at least one extra document you’ll need to submit in order to have your shipment accepted into Canada: the commercial invoice.

  1. Because the Canadian Commercial Invoice (CCI) provides detailed information to customs about your cargo, including who is responsible for duties, it is critical that you complete it correctly and completely.
  2. Make a couple of copies of your completed form when you’ve finished it! Copy the BOL and ship it with the freight. Attach one copy to the BOL and one to the freight.
  3. Before the freight is picked up, your customs broker will verify the CCI and BOL to ensure that all of the information they want is present.

Even the most fundamental details, such as a zip code, are frequently overlooked. It may seem ridiculous.

Remember that Canadian postal codes follow a six-digit letter-number rotation pattern that is repeated every three years (example: A1B2C3).

When a border crossing is delayed, it is frequently due to insufficient information on the commercial invoice or a breakdown in communication between the carrier and the customs brokerage. Consequently, Paige Logistics team are meticulous and ensure that your assigned broker is in place before the shipment is moved.

To benefit from duty-free customs clearance, you may be required to include a Certificate of Origin with your products if they comply with the USMCA regulations regarding the country of manufacture.

How to clear customs.

Once your FTL or LTL freight has been loaded and the driver has exited your dock, you are finished with the job on how to ship to Canada. The next step is to… The chances of something going wrong are slim if you’ve done your homework.

While your shipment is in route, your customs broker is validating the Importer of Record and the assignment of import duties and taxes, ensuring that when your freight arrives at the border, it clears without incident. 

As soon as everything is in order, your customs broker will send the documentation to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and your freight will be ready to be transported into the country. Your freight will never be seen by a customs broker because all customs clearance communication is conducted online.

The trucking company carrier will proceed to the destination and deliver the package to your customer once your freight has been cleared through customs. 

Because they have activities in Canada, if the trucking company carrier you selected also has operations in Canada, they will be responsible for completing the delivery. 

However, when to determine the cheapest shipping to Canada, there are a number of FTL & LTL trucking company carriers in the United States that have established agreements with Canadian LTL carriers and are able to deliver the freight once it has crossed the border into the country of destination.

Pickup of your freight, the following is a typical step-by-step procedure:

It is our carrier’s responsibility to inform customs brokers of their expected arrival in Canada.

An entry for customs purposes is prepared by the customs broker and sent to the Customs and Border Service Agency.

After arriving at the port of entry, the motorist checks in at the CBSA office, which is often a drive-up window there.

Customs clears the package once it has been reviewed by a CBSA inspector.. 

He continues on his way to deliver his package. Our truck driver will be responsible for transporting freight to its final destination.

What's Expected Shipping CROSS-BORDER

With the expansion of your cross-border firm, you should consider streamlining your operations, which includes our seamless customs processes. 

The processes are standardized by our partner a professional customs broker, which makes it much easier. We will assure accuracy, eliminate compliance risk, save you time, and help you save money on your business expenses and overhead. All to ensure that you can ship to canada for cheap.

A good customs broker should provide real-time tracking around the clock, as well as compile reports, analyze data, and conduct post-entry audits on a regular basis. As a bonus, they should keep you informed about best practices for complying with regulatory changes, such as the latest modifications to the eManifest and ACE standards.

Lastly, a few words.

Correct information is critical when shipping to Canada. It will also help you to lower US to canada shipping cost. Make sure you take your time and do it correctly the first time.

How to Ship to Canada Cheap?

Paige Logistics has specialized staff that can assist you with customized carriers such as flatbed trailers to pickup and follow right through to delivery, including customs brokerage all the research to determine fit for the cheapest shipping to Canada.

Aside from that, our team will enable the option to pay for your freight in either U.S. or Canadian currencies will be available to you as well.

Your hassle-free border crossing is within reach if you get the correct guidance and do your homework.