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Paige Logistics provides North American freight transportation services for Canada and United States. And through our Partners, we service the Globe.

We’ll find the best possible rates for your next load…but we go beyond price and find you the most efficient carrier to meet your timelines.

We recommend the best carrier for you and back it up with our Client’s Assured Service Guarantee.

Our Shipping Logistics Services Include:


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We work for you, at no additional cost. We sweat the details so that you don’t. We provide 3pl cross docking logistics distribution services Vancouver BC.

Third Party Logistics

By increasing marginal effectiveness in offering savings and by significantly improving efficiencies within your supply chain needs. Our values focus on dedication, trust, integrity, honesty, safety, and customer service.


Residential moving is generally any items moved from a residential home, apartment, condominium, or any other place that a person might reside in.

Not only are we the leader in cross dock warehouse Canada, we carry out  high mileage shipments at a superior level. 

PaigeLogistics offers convenient and cost-effective 

warehousing solutions.

Moving in a hurry? We incorporate non-stop operations and use the shortest routes to the destination. 

What is Logistics?

In order to run efficiently, a business must have a well-thought-out logistics strategy in place for the storage and distribution of goods, documents, and data from production to final use.

Therefore, logistics entails timely delivery of the right product.

Raw materials and components are moved and stored during the inbound logistics phase, while finished goods are delivered to customers during the outgoing logistics phase, and finally, returned goods and resources are disposed of during the reverse logistics phase.

For several reasons, effective logistics management is fundamental. By streamlining logistics, you can save money.

Product and data streamlining increases productivity and speed. Customer satisfaction rises when goods are delivered promptly and in good condition.

Numerous logistics management tools are used by businesses nowadays. Supply chain management systems coordinate the flow of materials and information between different points in the supply chain. Other examples of such systems include transportation management systems, which organize and schedule the movement of products, and warehouse management systems, which optimize the use of warehouse space and personnel.

Transport and storage duties could be contracted out to third-party logistics (3PL) companies. Transportation, storage, and distribution companies offer invaluable services to businesses by reducing overhead costs and increasing productivity through their expertise, scalability, and economies of scale.

Logistics is a booming industry in today’s digitally connected, transnational economy. The demands of e-commerce and global supply chains have put increasing stress on businesses to speed up production and improve efficiency. As a result, the logistics manager’s position is in demand and lucrative.

Logistics could be the field for you if you have an analytical mind, thrive on challenges, and dream of working in business. Learning and career development opportunities abound in the logistics industry, which includes transportation, storage, distribution, and related disciplines.

What are logistics services?

Quick and low-priced delivery of goods and services is made possible by coordinating several logistical processes.

Logistics is important in many industries, including manufacturing, retail, and healthcare. It is essential to the functioning of the supply chain, which is comprised of the organizations, individuals, processes, data, and materials involved in the manufacturing, processing, and distribution of goods and services.

Logistics entails:

Logistics involving the movement of goods via road, sea, air, or rail.

Warehousing is the process of keeping goods in storage.

The act of delivering goods to retailers or individual consumers.

Procurement refers to the act of acquiring the resources and services necessary for manufacturing.

Inventory management refers to the process of keeping tabs on and managing stock levels within a supply chain.

Delivering products and services to customers on time and at a reasonable cost requires well-organized and managed logistics for every company.

It helps to streamline the supply chain and cut down on waste.

Logistics is the study and practice of organizing the flow of goods, services, and data from point of production to point of use.

It comprises controlling materials from production through disposal in order to meet demands of consumers or businesses.

The process of moving and storing goods and commodities that are coming into and going out of a company is known as “logistics,” and it is handled by “inbound” and “outbound” departments.

Company productivity and efficiency are impacted by supply chain logistics.

Shipping, storage, inventory control, and delivery are all a part of this process.

In today’s globalized economy, logistics plays a critical role as businesses seek to optimize their supply chains and minimize costs.

As a result, many businesses now prioritize logistics because of how important it is to the functioning of the contemporary supply chain.

What logistics does is acquire, store, and transport materials.

Logistics firms can be destroyed by bad management.

US logistics and industrial supply networks rely on the services of supply chain freight management firms to coordinate their resources and transportation.

Intermodal shipping, transportation, storage, distribution centers, and refining are all coordinated by our Vancouver oil and gas company and a third-party logistics organization in the United States.

A reliable logistics system and supply chain is essential for keeping costs down and staying within the allotted budget.

If the company has poor logistics, it will cost money and cause delivery delays.

Since the 1960s, commercial logistics has become more complex as a result of the availability of resources for expanding businesses and global supply chain hubs.

Supply chain logisticians are able to deliver quicker, more reliable, and more cost-effective solutions with the aid of logistics software.

In order to improve supply chain efficiency, these projects centralize the assets of logistics companies.

The US market is important for 3pl Canada logistics specialists and companies due to eCommerce, competition, and the globalization of the supply chain.

Amazon is at the retail industry’s forefront thanks to the company’s innovative and efficient logistics strategies, which it has implemented by integrating the various links in the US 3pl supply chain.

Whenever possible and inexpensive, manufacturing companies use Canadian logistical and storage groups or outsource their logistics operations to them.

One of the key functions of a domestic full-service logistics freight provider is managing stock, which necessitates the combination of transportation and warehouse storage.

Logistics professionals are able to oversee stockpiling and distribution of goods.

Supply chain management education is a prerequisite for employment.

Paige offers first-rate logistics assistance in the areas of supply chain management, including delivery, inventory management, transportation, and warehouse space.

Our goal is to provide unmatched US or cross-border logistics and become Canada’s premier logistics provider.

Paige Logistics raises the bar for third-party freight services. Our North American Flat Deck and Drop Deck services are tailored to your logistics supply chain’s local and international delivery requirements.

There are no truckload transport services that we cannot provide as well as third party logistics in Vancouver.

What is transportation and cargo logistics?

Through our expert flatbed transportation department and partner distribution logistics firms, we provide step deck, flatbed, and regional Super B Train service.

Through our expert flatbed transport division, we offer North American Flat Deck, Drop Deck, and Regional Super B Train business freight forwarding services.

As a pioneer among Canadian 3pl firms, our experienced transport logistics team offers step deck and flat deck services throughout the United States and Canada.

Paige Logistics, located in the Vancouver, British Columbia metropolitan area of Western Canada, provides regional and national supply chain services connecting 3pl logistics companies in the United States and warehouse companies in Canada to North America’s leading producers, manufacturers, and suppliers.

Our open-air trucking services the aerospace and mining industries, as well as the steel, construction, and oil and gas industries.

In addition to large haul trucking road services and high-duty railway components, Paige Logistics also offers secure cannabis transportation.

A vast fleet of tandem, triple, and quad axle flat deck decks is available to transport your normal and big deck loads.

We ship to China and manage the transport of industrial, agricultural, and heavy machinery, as well as pipelines and building supplies.

As a 3pl logistics Canada service provider, we pack bulk cargo and a variety of other deck-compatible and non-deck-compatible items.

Whether it is a one-time shipment or several loadings and deliveries, Paige Logistics has the expertise and resources to do the task accurately and on time.

In the oil and gas business, our team is an expert in trucking transport for the transportation of pipes and steel commodities.

We also offer numerous transport options for flat-panel displays.

We can transport all types of cargo. Whether it’s an FTL or LTL, the national 3pl companies in our partnerships get the job done. We also offer 3pl in the United States.

It is not uncommon for department employees to load 40 or more trailers per day from the Vancouver, British Columbia, wharf and transport them to the oil and gas fields in Alberta, Canada.

We are the leaders in executing outstanding port transportation, specializing in domestic and offering cross-border flatbed and flatbed truck transportation with our 3pl services in the United States.

If your origin or destination is in Western Canada, our integrated multi-commodity distribution centres in British Columbia and Alberta enable you to export bulk freight to these locations as well as regional consumers.

Paige Logistics chooses the most qualified carrier available for the task at hand and then negotiates the lowest feasible fee.

Consider us a 3PL. Our third party logistics services in Vancouver extend outside British Columbia.

Our strategic connections are with the leading distribution logistics firms in Canada and the United States.

Whether you require cross-dock distribution inside Canada or the United States, we can locate the appropriate equipment for the task.

Be aware that not all trucking firms are equal. Therefore, we choose carriers that can cross dock warehouses in Canada or the United States and have a stable and reliable 5-star customer service reputation.

We identify the greatest source to facilitate cross dock warehouse BC, container de-stuffing services, but we also seek out the most efficient and nimble transport providers that can meet your deadlines.

After you accept our price, we will provide you shipping documents and coordinate your delivery at no additional cost.

When we assign your freight to a carrier, the management team of Paige’s logistics firm does a thorough evaluation to ensure they satisfy our criteria.

To maintain compliance, every carrier’s insurance coverage, authority, and safety information are monitored, along with any modifications, in order to protect you.

Paige logistics provides quality third-party logistics services in Vancouver, British Columbia. We earn lifetime customers.

Canada's #1 COMPANY for Logistics services

To determine the need of an american logistics services or 3PL logistics USA or Canada is by your growth. The answers to the following questions will give you a clear understanding if the intent:

Are you processing more than twenty orders day?

Outsourcing logistics companies in US or Canada brings freedom to pursue greater business opportunities you are currently not able to pursue. 

Furthermore compare the costs with not only British Columbia 3pl companies but Canadas best third party logistics and without a partnership with a 3pl logistics services canada  and the US.

Typically a massive reduction in costs when hiring freight management services US expert. 

Do you have a shortage of storage space?

Compare your current warehouse storage costs in your fulfillment expense to your best 3pl Vancouver logistics service quote.

Bundling outsourced fulfillment costs are typically better value than in-house.

Can your businesses infrastructure seamlessly handle the demand?

If your eCommerce business experienced massive growth in orders (not a promotion or flash sale), supply chain operational efficiencies come to mind.

To meet the demand of orders, calculate your fulfillment capabilities and labour costs with the top full-service 3PL rate. 

The agility of growth defeats the cost of outsourcing quotes to ship from USA to Canada.

Forecasting inventory is important but to have the agility to ship goods from the location closest to the customer will reduce shipping costs.  

Next time you are searching for a 3pl near me, our vast network of strategic partnerships, and other third party logistics providers help customers answer questions such as:

How to ship from USA to Canada?  

Ideally to swiftly get products on time to their customers. We not only provide Vancouver dedicated transport for temperature controlled logistics and warehousing but specialised heavy haul trucking services, if your business is expanding globally needing worldwide shipping and looking for possibly a Vancouver 3pl shipping China to Canada or servicing USA, we can help you build your global supply chain.

Canada’s Logistics Association 


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