Shipping to California

Shipping Freight Canada to California or Shipping from California to Canada

Paige Logistics provides regular and expedited service for all freight types to California from any city, town or community in Canada.

Trucking Freight California to Canada

Paige logistics service allows our customers to deliver loaded containers to the destination terminal hassle-free. We take care of the entire process from a truck carrier to container equipment to ensure a convenient process that effortlessly glides through with our port-to-port service to its destination terminal.

Paige Logistics can meet all of your requirements with service that fits your unique situation. We offer a wide variety of featured support that includes specialized container equipment. We also offer electronic data interchange (EID) in addition to our wide variety of ocean transportation services.

Paige Logistics makes the shipping transportation process seamless and allows you to arrange your entire move to California no matter the point of origin. Using one carrier to sweat the details for you!

Paige Logistics offers services for non-container wheeled freight and trailers. When it comes to shipping goods efficiently, there’s no substitute for experience and reliability and this is included in our California Shipping service to all Ports.

Using connecting rail and/or truck services Paige Logistics can simplify the complete for destinations beyond the West Coast. As a freight forwarder to California, we are connected to over 16,000 carriers and we can move your shipment serving from points to and from North America… to and from Canada and to Los Angeles.

To expand ocean transportation to California shipping services, Paige Logistics is fully equipped to manage container shipping to California or container shipping from California and all inland transportation moves required to deliver and ship your freight to any of the port facilities on the west coast of North America.

We offer specialized equipment as well as standard and at your disposal to get the job done. Our equipment options range from 53′ Dry Vans, 26′ Straight Trucks Refrigeration Units, Super B-Trains, 53′ Step Decks, Roll tites, RGNs, Double Drops. We additionally provide specialized equipment customized to handle oversized and overweight shipments. There is no job too big or small! 

Paige logistics will deliver an empty container to the customers’ loading facility. Once the empty container has been loaded then we will pick it up and transport the container surrounding the area to West Coast ports near Paige Logistics.

Paige logistics will deliver an empty container to the customers’ loading facility. Once the empty container has been loaded then we will pick it up and transport the container surrounding the area to Californian ports near Paige Logistics.

Shipping freight Canada to California services include transportation with specially equipped refrigerated containers.

Integrated with technology that ensures the merchandise will be preserved throughout the entire process from the containerload port, and to its final destination.

Prefer a personal touch? Consider us as your personal logistics shipper and we will quote you on the catered for your custom needs.

Shipping Freight California to Canada

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Trucking from Vancouver to Los Angeles

Freight Shipping California Canada

If you’re planning to grow your business in California, expanding beyond the neighbouring borders to Canada or visa-versa could be the next great step—but that means you need to know the Canada import and export systems and USA import and export systems of how to ship internationally.

The best method Shipping Freight Canada to California or shipping from California to Canada, you’ll need a logistics strategy that works for your business.

You don’t need to know everything about logistics, warehousing and shipping from California to Canada, including drayage and warehousing but you do need to understand the options and find a reliable systematic approach that will work now and for tomorrow.

As with any business move, office and industrial migrations require, when shipping to California, similarly, as much in the arranging stages as they do in the execution the requirements and legal preparation for each step of relocation can be tricky.

Unlike traditional trucking companies who fill their fleets, for shipping cargo to California, Paige Logistics selects the best equipment to get the job done right, every time.

Regardless of whether you are needing transport for FTL shipments or one-bed load is in the matter of offering efficient and consistent freight moving types of assistance and conveyance at competitive rates.

Paige Logistics has practical experience in troublesome shipments whenever, to anyplace in North America.

As a freight forwarder Canada to California, we provide full California logistics. 

Shipping Freight Canada to California couldn’t be easier, our group of experts has an extensive amount of experience regarding transportation with freight services.

We sweat the details to seamlessly streamline your transportation needs – All you pay for is the expense of delivery.

Whether it is to learn the cost for moving freight to California or for a lcl shipping from California cargo quote.

Let our committed team suggest the ideal truck or intermodal freight that suits your custom conveyance.

There are a lot of reasons you might not be shipping from California to Canada or visa versa right now.

Maybe you’re just starting to consider it as an option for expansion.

Or maybe you’ve even tried shipping from US to Canada a few times but because of The North American Free Trade Agreement ( NAFTA ), you might rather stick to your domestic or local market.

Even if you ship some of your products to California, selling beyond borders can bring significant growth for your business, so it’s well worth wrestling the cross-border logistics head-on considering these figures:

California to Vancouver Freight 

  • California is one of the largest import-export trade states with Canada (Texas is the other). From all over Canada, we make shipping to California seamless for every type of freight type imaginable.


  • California transit time to or from Alberta & B.C. can ship somewhere between 2-4 days and from Ontario to California is approximately 5-7 days.


  • Canada is a major importer from California so inbound traffic is supported in balance with outbound shipments.

LTL Carrier to Canada


Canada is a major importer from California so inbound traffic is supported in balance with outbound shipments.

Our speciality is cross border less than truckload or cross-border LTL service options range from super economical consolidated transit times to fast expedited service going direct with no Cross-docking.

For shipments originating in the USA destined for Canada, our partial TL service or truckload shipping service can accommodate both temperature-controlled requirements or dry van transportation with either a single driver or include a team for more time-sensitive freight.

Finding the best shipping rates on non-time sensitive freight, our rail intermodal service travels to all points south or west of BC. For medium time sensitivity regular freight shipments, we offer economical over the road transport rates.

Freight that has to get to its destination fast, our customers can have expedited freight services which include less than truckload or LTL and full truckload or FTL. For freight that is extremely time-sensitive, there is also air freight services.

How much does it cost to move to California? 

A rough estimate for moving your three-bedroom apartment will cost around USD 5000 – USD 10000 and if you do not have so much stuff, this could include costs of car shipping to California. 

Residential moving services are generally any items moved from a residential home, apartment, condominium, or any other place that a person might reside in.

Canada California Logistic Companies

You’re in luck that there are logistic companies that take out the extra fuss when it comes to moving or shipping to California.

Typically, Local moves are within the same city or within 100km of where you live now (about an hour’s drive). 

These types of moves are generally priced on an hourly basis.

Some charge travel time, some build in the travel time and some use a combination or fuel charge, etc.

Paige Logistics takes care of it all.

At Paige Logistics the team of professionals has years of transportation management experience.

At no additional cost, they sweat the details so that you don’t have to and all you pay for is the cost of shipping.

Lifehack to seamless moving:

Here is the life hack to take advantage of making the move or shipping to California seamless.

To determine the cost of shipping container to California. Use a freight forwarder like Paige Logistics – we manage high-volume shipments, and as a result of this get limited rates, permitting you to set aside some cash by deciding to move your possessions with them as opposed to using a shipping company.

We will recommend all proposals of the tailor-made offer to move less than container loads (LCL) The option to choose full –container –loads (FCL) is also available depending on what suits your needs.

To ship to California from Canada or to ship to Canada from California, give us a call. Either way, our passionate team can get the job done easily and on time.

Even for moving services to California  , our proven network access to every town, city and community offers daily transport service shipping freight Canada to California and to and from all North American locations.

So next time you are shipping freight Canada to California be sure to contact our dedicated customer care professionals now for a freight quote: 1-604-800-1480


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