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SHipping to hawaii

We know you’ve already got your swimsuit packed but for moving or shipping to Hawaii, here’s what you need to know.

When shipping to Hawaii, similarly, as with any business move, office and industrial migrations require as much in the arranging stages as they do in the execution.

The preparation and requirements for each step of relocation require significantly more consideration and ability when the move is being made to, from, or inside the Hawaiian Islands.

Unlike trucking companies who are trying to fill their fleets, for shipping cargo to Hawaii, Paige Logistics selects the best equipment to get the job done, every time.

Regardless of whether you require transport for FTL shipments or a one-bed load, Paige is in the matter of offering consistent moving types of assistance and conveyance at competitive rates.

Paige Logistics has practical experience in moving one of a kind or troublesome shipments whenever, anyplace in North America.

As a freight forwarder to Hawaii, we provide full Hawaii logistics.  Our group of experts has an extensive amount of experience regarding transportation with freight services.

We serve most industries and sweat the details to streamline your transportation needs – All you pay for is the expense of delivery.

Contact Paige Logistics whether it is to learn the cost for moving to Hawaii or to transport car to Hawaii or for a lcl shipping to Hawaii cargo quote. Let our committed group suggest the ideal truck or intermodal freight that suits your custom conveyance.

9 Ways for Shipping to Hawaii

Paige logistics service allows our customers to deliver loaded containers to the destination terminal hassle-free. We take care of the entire process from a truck carrier to container equipment to ensure a convenient process that effortlessly glides through with our port-to-port service to its destination terminal.

Paige logistics offers a variety of services for vehicles that are transported from over-sized vehicles to a Ferarri. Your car is moved on a car transport truck or by rail. If it is being moved overseas it will be shipped in a container and put on a boat. Of course, if you’ve got a really expensive car sort of a Ferrari or an antique show car, you’ll want these sorts of cars shipped on a “Covered Carrier”. Covered Carries are specialty car transport trucks intended to deal with handling high-value low clearance type vehicles.

Paige Logistics can meet all of your requirements with service that fits your unique situation. We offer a wide variety of featured support that includes specialized container equipment. We also offer electronic data interchange (EID) in addition to our wide variety of ocean transportation services.

Paige Logistics makes the shipping transportation process seamless and allows you to arrange your entire move to Hawaii no matter the point of origin. Using one carrier to sweat the details for you!

Using connecting rail and/or truck services Paige Logistics can simplify the complete for destinations beyond the West Coast. As a freight forwarder, we are connected to over 16,000 carriers and we can move your shipment serving from points to and from North America… to and from Canada and The United States. To expand ocean transportation to Hawaii services, Paige Logistics is fully equipped to manage container shipping to Hawaii or container shipping from Hawaii and all inland transportation moves required to deliver and ship your freight to any of the port facilities on the west coast of North America.

Paige Logistics offers services for non-container wheeled freight and trailers. When it comes to shipping goods efficiently, there’s no substitute for experience and reliability and this is included in our Hawaii Shipping service to Hawaiian Ports.

We offer specialized equipment as well as standard and at your disposal to get the job done. Our equipment options range from 53′ Dry Vans, 26′ Straight Trucks Refrigeration Units, Super B-Trains, 53′ Step Decks, Roll tites, RGNs, Double Drops. We additionally provide specialized equipment customized to handle oversized and overweight shipments. There is no job too big or small! 

Paige logistics will deliver an empty container to the customers’ loading facility. Once the empty container has been loaded then we will pick it up and transport the container surrounding the area to West Coast ports near Paige Logistics.

Paige logistics will deliver an empty container to the customers’ loading facility. Once the empty container has been loaded then we will pick it up and transport the container surrounding the area to Hawaii ports near Paige Logistics.

Our services include transportation with specially equipped refrigerated containers. These containers are integrated with technology that ensures the merchandise will be preserved throughout the entire process from the containerload port, and to its final destination. Prefer a personal touch? Consider us as your personal shipper and we will quote you on the catered for your custom needs.


Hawaii laid back lifestyle.

It’s anything but difficult to fantasize about living in Hawaii when you won’t discover anything like the easygoing way to deal with work and life as you will in the islands. It’s an amazing place to find yourself after work to celebrate the fact that you all made it through another day. Imagine yourself as you spend your after-hours drinking the local “Mai Tai” and gazing at the art in the sky as you watch the sun end the day. It’s just natural to find yourself taking pictures of sunsets! Your social feeds are sure to fill up with your “everyday tasks” splashed with the gorgeous backdrop of Hawaii.

Say “Aloha”

The spirit of Aloha (Greeting) can be felt through its people and cultural experiences. With the shocking magnificence of the islands, the reality of work is pushed to the side as you enjoy its natural beauty.

Beautiful Weather

Hawaii gets 13 hours of daylight, sure it rains, but it’s sunny again in a few minutes. You could make use of that time doing outdoor adventures such as jet skiing, diving, swimming, hiking, etc! On the other hand – 11 Hours of daylight in winter, there are not many places that could beat those fresh air conditions, sounds like year-round perfect weather to me!

Take the leap

Let’s face it, the idea of moving to Hawaii is like looking at a new blank page and a breath of new air so to speak.

The option is there, right in front of you if you choose it. With so many opportunities, the book is yours to write.

My kind of Island

You can change your residential area. Once you get comfortable in the mainland and you start to become aware of how diverse each island is and you may want to consider moving off to the island that meets your preferred lifestyle.

New Location, New Me

Moving to Hawaii brings wonderful opportunities. Starting a new life in Hawaii can allow you to meet new friends, hobbies, or even a career change.

The Taste of Hawaii

The food includes a fusion of different Asian influences. Tuck into the diverse senses of the local meals that will introduce you to the true taste of the islands, such as the Kālua pork. If you prefer to keep your diet to something familiar to home then it would be good to know that their food consists of carbohydrate-rich western food.

Motivation to do more fitness

You can explore the different activities you can do and surprise yourself in new ways on how to improve your fitness. Fitness does not have to be a chore but being in Hawaii will excite you in taking part of physical adventures. You can find many hiking paths on Oahu or find a challenge for yourself at the Koko head stairs which would keep you challenged for 15 to 45 minutes with getting the hang of something totally extraordinary. The book is yours to write!

Living on the relaxed side of life

If stepping away from the materialistic way of life then moving to Hawaii is a great plan. There is less emphasis on money, while there are people living on the island that are wealth-loaded, there are so many who cannot compete and therefore shiny things are less emphasized on. This gives you an opportunity to focus on different values in life. You can allow yourself to leave the stiff ties behind and embrace the Aloha casual wear.

Strategize how to spend you $

Hawaii is as expensive as you make it and it is more affordable than you think it is. You could consider the cost of living in Hawaii as a “paradise tax”. Choosing options like grabbing something from the mobile food trucks that local’s love and choosing to purchase from the food market instead of high-cost restaurants will cost you a fraction of the price

Bringing your pet to Hawaii

Taking your extended family such as your dog or cat is not as simple as booking an extra plane seat for them. It’s important to prepare yourself before that date you wish to make start the next chapter in Hawaii. A little research goes a long way. It’s important to be informed about the process of the examination prior, during, and arriving in Hawaii and what would happen if the pet doesn’t pass the examination. Keep all the details of your pets and be prepared to have your pets tested 30 days before arrival for rabies. Your furball will also need to be microchipped. Research Hawaii’s pet entry fees and be sure to keep all the medical records of your pet up to date and signed by your vet.

How much is it going to cost you to move to Hawaii? 

A rough estimate for moving your three-bedroom apartment will cost around USD 5000 – USD 10000 and if you do not have so much stuff, this could include costs of car shipping to Hawaii. 

Residential moving services are generally any items moved from a residential home, apartment, condominium, or any other place that a person might reside in.

Moving your family merchandise will rely upon how much stuff you’re moving, where you’re moving from, and whether a business will assist you with paying for it.

Logistic Companies

You’re in luck that there are logistic companies that take out the extra fuss when it comes to moving or shipping to Hawaii. Typically, Local moves are within the same city or within 100km of where you live now (about an hour’s drive). 

These types of moves are generally priced on an hourly basis. Some charge travel time, some build in the travel time and some use a combination or fuel charge, etc.

Paige Logistics takes care of it all.

At Paige Logistics the team of professionals has years of transportation management experience. At no additional cost, they sweat the details so that you don’t have to and all you pay for is the cost of shipping.

Lifehack to seamless moving:

Here is the life hack to take advantage of making the move or shipping to Hawaii seamless. To determine the cost of shipping container to Hawaii. Use a freight forwarder – they manage high-volume shipments, and as a result of this get limited rates, permitting you to set aside some cash by deciding to move your possessions with them as opposed to using a shipping company. The organizations will recommend all proposals of the tailor-made offer to move less than container loads (LCL) The option to choose full –container –loads (FCL) is also available depending on what suits your needs.

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