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Paige Logistics offers specialized trade show shipping Canada options for time-sensitive exhibition and event equipment. Our exceptional delivery record, around-the-clock availability, and competent and courteous employees guarantee that we will satisfy all of your tradeshow shipping needs.

By shipping with Paige Logistics, you have access to a number of shipping solutions tailored to meet your most stringent deadlines and budgetary constraints. When your materials are ready early and time permits, we provide a budget-friendly dedicated LTL transport shipping alternative that fits your needs. When every second matters, we offer expedited service options for transporting your display.

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We offer a range of logistics services designed to help you transport your exhibits and materials to and from events and trade-shows.

Our expertise in trade show freight shipping and events exhibit transport will ensure that your materials are delivered safely and on time.

Here are some of the trade show freight shipping services we offer:

We offer coordination with event organizers, less-than-truckload shipping  freight forwarding services, and customs clearance and documentation to ensure that your materials arrive safely and on time.

International Trade Show Logistics

Our cross border shipping for international trade show logistics service is designed to help you transport your exhibits and materials to events and trade-shows around the world.

Our Transport Partners Put On A Fantastic Show

Each of our transportation partners has been meticulously chosen by Paige Logistics based on very particular criteria.

To provide you with the finest service possible, we always partner with service providers who have a regional presence and the essential local knowledge for domestic and international transportation.

Our seasoned staff and transportation partners have trucks equipped with power liftgates. They pay close attention to every aspect of your exhibit shipment to guarantee that it arrives on time and undamaged, and departs as asked.

On-Time Transportation Professionals

Paiges’ on-time and accelerated logistics trade show freight shipping services are unrivalled when you want delivery at a specific time and date.

Transporting trade show booths and materials across Canada and over the border between Canada and the United States requires the sort of transportation management expertise found at Paige Logistics. 

Our network of qualified carriers has been hand-selected based on their professionalism, familiarity with the destination region and trade show shipping costs.

Together, we become a crucial link in the success of your trade show, giving service that is more efficient and dependable than the service you currently receive. Obtain freight prices for trade shows immediately.

On-Site Logistics Support

Our on-site logistics support service is designed to help you manage your exhibit and materials during events and tradeshows.

We offer installation and dismantling, material handling and drayage, and on-site support services to ensure that your exhibit is set up and managed properly.

All Qualifications Required To Present Your Exhibit

Paige Logistic’s expertise in transporting trade show displays across North America has allowed us to develop a network of some of the most reputable carriers in Canada and the United States. With active exhibitor freight management network in California.

Our network of trade show logistics companies meets the shipping criteria for the fast-paced world of trade shows.

When credentials such as TDG, C-TPAT, FAST, CSA or PIP are required for any exhibit freight, our carriers offers trade show freight class with fully licenced transportation solutions.

What freight class is trade show materials?

The freight class for trade show materials can vary depending on the type of product being transported and the carrier’s classification system.

The majority of carriers classify trade show items as “exhibition materials” or “trade show displays,” which fall under NMFC code 125200.

This code is frequently used for transporting display fixtures, booths, and exhibits made of wood, metal, or plastic.

It is essential to note that the freight class assigned to trade show products can affect shipping costs.

The higher the freight class, the higher the shipping costs. The freight class can be affected by the weight, density, and value of the exhibit items, as well as the type of packaging used to transport them.

It is recommended that businesses work with a freight forwarder that specialises in trade show logistics to ensure that trade show products are shipped with the appropriate freight class.

These companies can provide knowledge and advice regarding the classification and shipment of trade show products, as well as negotiate lower shipping costs with carriers on behalf of their clients.


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