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Intermodal Freight Transportation

Drayage Logistics & Cross Docking

Paige Logistics has built a reputation for Vancouver Drayage and Warehousing, on-time shipping service, total coverage, and customer satisfaction.

Drayage Services

Drayage Services for all local ports including Vancouver, BC, Delta, Seattle & Tacoma, and all Canadian Rail Yards.

We are North Americas drayage transportation experts in completing drayage shipping delivery to the final mile, leveraging an enormous fleet of trucks, vans, and trailers, to collect and deliver shipments across Canada and USA, without missing a beat. 

Complete with a full range of drayage freight options: lift gate trucks, second man for heavy shipments, or a crew to pack your shipment, Paige Logistics can manage it all regardless of size, weight, or location. 

Vancouver Drayage
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Warehousing & Cross Docking

Our flexible client drayage logistics solutions ensures that we do business the way you need it done. Pre-pull Container, Warehousing, Cross Docking, distribution, order fulfillment pick/pack sorting, promotional co-packing, cross-docking, trans-loading, or short and long term storage.

So, whether we’re shipping drayage that can deliver your furniture to your home,  Delivering freight drayage full of merchandise inventory to your retail store fulfillment centre, or drop off a ltl freight crate at an airline carrier,  or combine it all with intermodal shipping Canada, we have the agility with drayage solutions to react quickly and on-time regardless of the size and kind of shipment or time constraint you have.

Our North American intermodal services can transport your freight efficiently and cost-effectively through a custom process built for your company. Drayage transportation flexibility to meet your truckload needs via our multiple transportation modes and service options for national loads or between Canada and the continental U.S.

Temperature controlled containers and intermodal equipment. Complete drayage services for 20, 40, 48 and 53-foot containers. Consistent monitoring for on-time, damage-free intermodal shipments. Fast, reliable delivery and access to premium rail networks.

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Ocean Freight Services

We offer door-to-door service for less-than-full-container shipments and full container loads, both in standardized containers and as refrigerated or oversized cargo including flat racks.

Air Freight Services

Our Global Partners offer air freight at three speeds for a balance between time and cost: Economy, Regular, and Priority. Offering regular performance reports and door-to-door moving service guarantee an unbroken chain of responsibility.
Air freight services

Container Drayage Pick-Up & Delivery Across Canada & USA!

Home Delivery – We call ahead to schedule an appointment.

No problem White-Glove Delivery – You want us to unpack it and turn it on that TV we’re to deliver?

With extensive experience with the North Americas’ Ports, we can collect the container when its least busy, hold the container until you are ready or simply provide up-to-minute notifications of container pick up and delivery. Paige Logistics drayage service is built around being convenient and flexible for all of our customers. Whenever you need us, we’ll be there for you. Logistics in Canada 

Container Night Pre-Pull Services or Day-Pulls with Pier Pass – let us when you need it, and we’ll make sure to locate the lowest cost and most efficient timing!

Container Yard Storage – Should a ship arrive earlier than you expected, no problem. We can store the containers until you are ready!