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Paige Logistics Canada excels at providing intermodal and over-the-road ground transportation shipping services that span across Canada, USA & Mexico.

3PL Logistics

We go beyond price and find you the most efficient carrier to meet your timelines.


We match freight with trucks going your way quickly and cost effectively.


Terminal & Container Yard Service from pier to warehouse, swiftly and affordable.


State-of-art Distribution Facilities with capacity, security, and sustainability for long-term growth.

Moving Services

International from USA or Canada point of origin .

Your customers won’t stand still.

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North America's #1 Coast to Coast FTL & LTL Trucking Logistics Freight Carrier


Canada Logistics company...

The best FTL or LTL freight rates for haulage and ground trucking services, critical freight solutions, heavy haulage trucking and moving services… 

Adding value to your supply chain, look no further for the highest recommended shipping conditions and dedicated trucking for your cargo.  

Flatbed Truck Freight Forwarding Services

Shipments that do not occupy the entire truck trailer with carrier capacity at  8’ – 8.5’ wide, 12.5’ – 13.5’ high, and 40’ – 53’ in length. 

Subjected to less freight handling than LTL shipments but remain on a unique truck similar to full truckload FTL shipments.

Large volume or heavy haul shipments that solely occupy an entire trailer with carrier capacity of 34,000 – 45,000 lbs.

Daily Pick-up Services

Trucking Company

We swiftly match up trucks with shippers looking for capacity, choice, service coverage at an excellent price for your Canadian and American freight cross border upon flat deck, FTL (Full Truckload), Flatbed and Dry Vans, LTL (Less than Truckload) , drayage and warehousing service requirements.

When looking for reliability in a company for moving your pallets across Canada. Setting expedited freight standards well above a typical cheap logistics company.

Something to note when looking for shipping companies in Canada, Paige logistics earns customers for life. 

Dedicated Canada shipping Service For Your Supply Chain

Alexander Crane and his distribution team provide 24/7 logistic services. When seeking shipping companies in canada to improve your supply chain, look no further. Our trucking services pivot your flatbed shipments, truck loads and ship pallets like no other with on-time delivery at lower costs. 

We are a 3PL trucking logistics company who provides superior shipping experience. Whether you need to ship a pallet across Canada, less than a truckload, LTL, full truckload, FTL, warehousing services, or need a moving company to ship goods overseas and manage all the import and export paperwork for customs clearance.

Our expanding network are fully-vetted shipping companies, and road by road transport elite carriers are supported by groundbreaking software that centralizes all carrier and delivery information for effortless realtime access. 

We are not your typical trucking company freight matching service. We drive persistent growth for remarkable companies,  partner relationships with other trucking logistics companies for better results and have deep experience working with the fastest growing companies with critically fast freight solutions.

Not to be compared with other Canadian trucking companies, traditional cross border shipping company or cross Canada shipping companies, and ground freight companies. 

Our global real-time view of the marketplace for delivery of cargo, freight logistics trucking, shipping prices and costs including drayage and warehousing give us shipping routes advantages and optimized processes for improved speed, cost and predictability.

We are a shipping logistics company that brings distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers supply chain advantages with our premier all-inclusive American freight forwarding services and American freight warehouse.

Far above cheap freight shipping. We offer the best ltd freight, trucking freight forwarder rates, best cargo shipping rates for FTL(Full Truckload), Dry Van and flat deck freight carriers across Canada and the USA.


we are part of the family.
all the way through.

We’ve Got Your Back With Cheaper and Better Quality Freight Shipping Logistics Canada

Dedicated Trucking Services

From roots in emerging markets, our teams agility bringing superior efficiency with improving trucking freight companies, ground freight companies supply chain logistics during some of the North Americas most challenging environments by offering unmatched delivery service, and customized haulage capabilities for a reduced global footprint in both Canada and USA.

When shipping from US to Canada or vice-versa, we are one of North America’s favourite 3pl companies, ltl freight carriers distribution company. Should you be shipping a pallet across Canada or seeking boat transport. Our distribution centre (network/operations/teams) are a fusion of highly skilled supply chain professionals are ready to serve you.

Every day our multinational haulage team delivers food, medicines and resources to locations around the world.

Even though we are considered an international freight forwarder Vancouver. We work closely with both customers for US Canada shipping. Our strategic alliances including other private fleets, air freight, straight trucks, custom brokerage, 3pl warehouse freight shipping companies, and freight logistics companies to understand and perform seamless end to end trucking logistics fulfillment. 

When searching online be it flatbed companies near me or logistic companies near me,  be need for a intermodal FTL logistics company or LTL services and direct FTL trucking or LTL transportation across Canada shipping. We have solutions for warehousing or distribution requirements available and perform services well beyond your expectation.

Paige Logistics is a next generation freight shipping 3pl supply chain trucking company located in the Greater Vancouver aria of Surrey BC.
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