Shipping Logistics services for USA & Canada

Paige Logistics provides national logistics services for Canada and United States. And through our Partners, we service the Globe.

We’ll find the best possible rates for your next load…but we go beyond price and find you the most efficient carrier to meet your timelines.

We recommend the best carrier for you and back it up with our Client’s Assured Service Guarantee.

Our Services Include:

    • Trucking, Transportation, and Logistics
    • Full and Less Than Truckload (FTL/LTL)
    • Dry Van and Temperature Control (Reefer)
    • Flat Deck including Drop / Double Drop, B-Train and Specialized Equipment
    • Over Dimensional, Over Weight, Off-Road, Hot Shot Service
    • Warehouse Storage and Distribution
    • Drayage and Container De-Stuffing

What is logistics?

Logistics refers to the entire process and strategies of procuring, storing (warehousing) and transporting resources to their final destination. 

Logistics management includes identifying all potential distributors and suppliers and evaluating their efficiency, deficiencies, accessibility and reliability.

Logistics managers are also called logisticians. They understand and manage all facets of transport in the logistics business.

Simply put, the goal of logistics management is to have the optimal amount of resources to get loads to the right place, under the right conditions, at the right time, and efficiently deliver the load to the right internal or external customer.

Logistics is the overall process of managing how supplies, products or resources are procured, stored and transported to their final destination.

Poor management of logistics companies can have dire consequences on the bottom line.

Logistics is widely used in the business world today, especially by manufacturing companies, to refer to the handling of resources and transportation throughout the supply chain.

For example, in the oil and natural gas industry, logistics managers the trucking, intermodal transportation, storage facilities and distribution centers that refine oil as it is converted through the supply chain.

An efficient or well-functioning supply chain is critical to reducing costs and maintaining expenses.

Poor logistics, not meeting customer needs, lead to costly delivery delays and ultimately hurts businesses.

The concept of enterprise logistics has evolved considerably.

Since the 1960’s, in recent years, corporate logistics has grown in complexity by providing growing companies with the necessary materials and resources, as well as the global expansion of supply chain centers, resulting in the need for 3pl Vancouver specialists.

In the modern era and given the technological advancements made with 3pl Vancouver.

With the use of logistics management software, these people are known as 3pl Canada supply chain logisticians.

These specialized software programs speed up the movement of logistics company resources and improve workflow throughout the supply chain.

Due to the increasing complexity and globalization of the supply chain, there is a tremendous need for 3pl Canada supply chain experts.

One of the reasons why large online retailers like Amazon dominate the retail landscape is the overall innovation and efficiency of their logistics throughout every link of the supply chain.

Manufacturing companies often outsource their logistics service needs to experienced specialists or manage logistics in-house and provide logistics services in Canada if it is cost-effective.

The primary responsibilities of a full-service logistics provider for domestic logistics services include monitoring inventory by arranging for proper transportation and storage.

A skilled logistician is able to plan and coordinate the steps of the inventory process.

The various stages of inventory management and the movement of resources, materials and supplies throughout the supply chain.

Specialized training in supply chain management from logistics companies in the United States is often a prerequisite.

Our 3pl logistics services include inventory tracking and management, delivery organization, transportation and storage.

We are on our way to becoming one of the leading logistics companies in Vancouver.


We work for you, at no additional cost. We sweat the details so that you don’t. We provide 3pl cross docking logistics distribution services Vancouver BC.


By increasing marginal effectiveness in offering savings and by significantly improving efficiencies within your supply chain needs. Our values focus on dedication, trust, integrity, honesty, safety, and customer service.


Residential moving is generally any items moved from a residential home, apartment, condominium, or any other place that a person might reside in.

Not only are we the leader in cross dock warehouse Canada, we carry out  high mileage shipments at a superior level. 

PaigeLogistics offers convenient and cost-effective 

warehousing solutions.

Moving in a hurry? We incorporate non-stop operations and use the shortest routes to the destination. 

Paige Logistics North American Flat Deck and Drop Deck services are customized to your delivery needs for both near and far.

There are no transport trucking services we can’t accommodate third party logistics vancouver as well as we can.

We offer step deck, flatbed, and regional Super B Train services through our professional flatbed transportation department and partner distribution logistics companies.

They include North American Flat Deck, Drop Deck and Regional Super B Train business logistics services through our professional flatbed transport department.

Our dedicated transport logistics team provides flat deck as well as step deck services throughout the USA & Canada.

Located in Western Canada’s greater area of Vancouver BC, Paige Logistics provides regional and national supply chain services connecting 3pl logistics companies in usa, North America’s leading producers, manufacturers and suppliers.

Our open-air trucking service aerospace and mining industries, the steel industries, carry construction materials, transport oil and gas.

Including truck road services and railway heavy-duty components, the latest addition to Paige Logistics is offering secure cannabis transportation

An extensive fleet of Tandem, Tridem and Quad axle flat deck decks are ready to move your standard and oversized deck loads.

We transport industrial, agricultural, machinery, heavy equipment, pipelines and construction materials.

We pack bulk cargo and many other deck-compatible goods and other goods.

Whether it is a one-time shipment or multiple loading shipment and delivery Paige Logistics has a wealth of experience and to get the job done correctly and on time.

Our professional team are trucking transport experts for the transportation of pipes as well as steel commodities in the oil and gas industry.

We also offer various flat-panel transport services too.

We can handle all kinds of cargo no matter how small regardless of size whether it’s a single load or several truck loads.

It is not unusual for department staff to load up to 40 or more trailers a day from the wharf of Vancouver, British Columbia, and deliver to the oil and gas fields in Alberta, Canada.

We’re the leaders in executing superior  port transportation specializing in domestic and cross-border flatbed and flatbed truck transportation.

If your destination or origin is Western Canada, our integrated multi-commodity distribution centres located in British Columbia and Alberta allow you to ship bulk cargo to these locations and regional customers alike.

Paige Logistics identifies the most qualified carrier available to get the job done right and then we negotiate the best rate possible.

Look at us as a 3PL. Our third party logistics Vancouver services go beyond our locale of BC.

Our strategic alliances are premier distribution logistics companies serving Canada and the USA.

We know the industry inside out, who find the right equipment to do the right job for you be it cross dock distribution within Canada or USA.

Beware not all trucking companies are not created equal. That’s why Paige Logistics selects vetted carriers that can cross dock warehouse Canada or USA that have a solid and reliable customer service record.

We find the best source to facilitate cross dock warehouse BC, container destuffing services, however we go well beyond best price and look for the most efficient and agile transport companies available to meet your timelines. 

After you accept our quote we manage your delivery, each step of the way, at no extra cost.

Be assured that when we assign your freight to a carrier,  they are vigorously reviewed by Paige Logistics services management team to meet our standards.

To ensure compliance is maintained, every carrier is monitored included any changes to insurance coverage, authority, and safety information to protect you. Paige logistics is premium third party logistics Vancouver BC. We earn customers for life. 


To determine the need of 3PL logistics USA or Canada partnership is determined by your growth. The answers to the following questions will give you a clear understanding if the intent:

Are you processing more than twenty orders day?

Outsourcing logistics companies in US or Canada brings freedom to pursue greater business opportunities you are currently not able to pursue.

Furthermore compare the costs with not only British Columbia 3pl companies but 3pl Canada or USA and without a partnership with a 3pl logistics services canada  and the US.

Typically a massive reduction in costs when hiring Logistics services US expert. 

Do you have a shortage of storage space?

Compare your current warehouse storage costs in your fulfillment expense to your best 3pl Vancouver logistics service quote.

Bundling outsourced fulfillment costs are typically better value than in-house.

Can your businesses infrastructure seamlessly handle the demand?

If your eCommerce business experienced massive growth in orders (not a promotion or flash sale), supply chain operational efficiencies come to mind.

To meet the demand of orders, calculate your fulfillment capabilities and labour costs with the top full-service 3PL rate. 

The agility of growth defeats the cost of outsourcing quotes to ship from USA to Canada.

Forecasting inventory is important but to have the agility to ship goods from the location closest to the customer will reduce shipping costs.  

With a vast network of strategic partnerships, 3PL warehouse Vancouver logistics services provider like Paige Logistics help customers answer questions such as:

How to ship from USA to Canada?  

Ideally to swiftly get products on time to their customers. 

We not only provide Vancouver logistics but international logistics services, if your business is expanding globally and looking for possibly a Vancouver 3pl or servicing USA, Paige Logistics can help you build your global supply chain.


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