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Join a growing company specializing in FCL, LCL, FTL, LTL, shipping containers, dry vans, refrigerated trucks, reefers and flatbeds, with dedicated lanes all over North America. The logistics jobs description being a broker is all about your sales acumen, your book and the way you like to do business. You have completed an associate degree or masters degree in either in Advanced Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain Management or a minimum of 2 years experience as a logistician. When we partner with you to help you start your business and provide all the organizational support and direction for future opportunities…

Whether you are an experienced logistics professional or a recent graduate, we invite you to learn more about us and having a logistics career in Canada and more so, explore how you could be part of our growing team. We are a growing organization that places a strong emphasis on culture.

What is the work of Logistics services

Using our expertise, we help with shippers and manufacturers to lower and/or regulate freight costs, increase communication, and better manage the delivery process.

Shipping from China to Canada and continued on shipping from Canada to the USA. Like a travel agent for cargo, in order to accomplish this, we collaborate with a limited group of carriers and assist them in keeping their trucks on the road.

Every transfer is handled by a logistics coordinator who takes total responsibility for it from beginning to end, communicating with customers, shippers, receivers, and drivers. 

At the same time, we do not create internal silos by dividing our team into “customer support representatives” and “carrier procurement specialists,” which means that no single person has total visibility into each move, as is common with other 3PLs.

We wear multiple hats, bargain at every chance, and take on a variety of tasks throughout the course of a typical workday.

Each member of the team has the authority to do whatever it takes to complete the cargo without the need to go through multiple levels of approval from upper management. 

Coworkers are always close by to offer advice and support, but the final decision on how to complete the task is yours to make on your own time.

It is encouraged but not required that you have prior transportation experience as well as post-secondary education in logistics and negotiation abilities. If you are interested, please submit your curriculum vitae.

Why select a logistics and supply chain management profession?

Delivering goods at the right time, at the right place, right cost, and at the right quality and quantity is at the core of logistics and supply chain management, and in the retail industry, flawless order deliveries, customer responsiveness, and cost effectiveness are crucial competitive factors.

Every retail organization has a supply chain, so there are various work prospects in this field.

The management of logistics and supply chains is regional, national, and international; it is everywhere. Without it, industry and ultimately the world economy would come to a grinding halt.

Logistics is an essential aspect of Canada’s economy. Logistics and supply chain management, once considered a low-skilled industry, is now emerging as a highly sought employment area offering exciting high-tech careers.

This is the result of the implementation of cutting-edge technologies in a number of crucial areas.

Amazon and Ocado are examples of corporations employing cutting-edge technologies in their logistical operations.

What skills do I need to begin a career in logistics?

When considering to fit for a logistics and supply chain jobs, those with an inquisitive nature and a willingness to recognize patterns and trends in data are highly employable.

Simulation, modeling, forecasting, problem-solving, and negotiation abilities, as well as the ability to think on your feet under pressure, are particularly valuable.

Being ability to respond to novel situations with composure and deliberation is also essential.

Successful candidates must be able to communicate the increasingly complicated technical components of supply chains to non-technical colleagues and clients in a clear and concise manner.

Candidates who have grown up in the internet age will be well-equipped to comprehend the dynamics of online buying and to contribute to the expansion of e-commerce.


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We built one of the world’s most dynamic company. Now we’re doing it again better. Want to help? 

Established in 2013 and founded on the principles of Trust, Transparency, and Track Record, we embrace the pure method of logistics management, a collective team who sources the leanest cost, route; matches carriers with your load from  pickup to it’s point of delivery.

Offering comprehensive services to both private and commercial sectors that address the diverse needs of each client.

Our award winning logistics teams primary focus is to create a positive connection between people, businesses and their clients.

Paige Logistics are an expanding team of bright individuals united by common values. Our transportation partners and fellow brokers are the best in the business today.

They share our dedication and commitment to deliver quality services to emerging business, our customers, ensuring that their loyalty continue our business success.

Whether you are an experienced third party logistics professional (3pl)or a recent grad, we invite you to learn more about us and explore how you could be part of our growing team.

Freight Broker career at Paige Logistics

A freight broker’s daily tasks typically include:

1  Sourcing and negotiating rates with carriers
2 Matching available carriers with shipping needs of clients
3 Monitoring shipment progress and updating clients on status
4 Resolving any issues or conflicts that arise during shipments
5 Keeping records and maintaining a database of carriers, clients, and shipments
6 Generating quotes and invoices for clients
7 Staying up-to-date on industry regulations and trends
8 Networking and building relationships with carriers and clients
9 Ensuring all documentation is complete and accurate
10 Continuously seeking new business and expanding their network.

Opportunities are for Canadian residents Only

NOTE: As a non-asset base 3rd party Logistics Broker, we are the management of freight transport.

We do not own trucks or any machinery!

We do not hire/have need of drivers but hire brokers.

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