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Everything You Should Know for Shipping from uS to canada logistics & Cross Border Shipments

Shipping From USA to Canada

We simplify, lower the cost, and increase accessibility of cross-border delivery services. Shipping across borders can be complicated and perplexing because there are customs, clearance, paperwork, taxes, and duties to handle. It might be somewhat overwhelming if you’re inexperienced. This is the reason it’s crucial to pick the appropriate companion!

With years of experience establishing a solid network and collecting unparalleled knowledge, Paige Logistics Ltd. is able to offer you the most straightforward and economical cross-border solutions. As a result, we have been able to lower the risks, expenses, and time associated with your cross-border transportation.

Check out how Paige Logistics’ excellent cross-border deliver service may simplify your shipping needs. With our cross-border shipping services, you can get anything you need from anywhere in the world.

Shipping Freight from USA to Canada

Shipping to Canada from USA. Here are some rules to follow to ensure that your shipment arrives on schedule and in good condition.


  • Determine whether you’re shipping “LTL Pallet Freight”or “FTL Freight. Businesses are increasingly purchasing and shipping goods from the United States to import into Canada. When the goods exceed “courier size,” many businesses become overwhelmed by the complexities of transportation. When shipments have a diameter greater than 165″ (freight), commercial truck transport is necessary.


  • If your package is classified as “freight,” a professional customs broker will be required to oversee the border clearance. Paige Logistics Ltd. collaborates with a network of customs brokerages to represent clients at all major Canadian border crossings. We can collect your shipment from anywhere in the United States and deliver anywhere in Canada.


  • Determine the freight “class” if you are shipping freight from the United States to Canada. In the United States, all freight is assigned a “class” that the carrier will use to establish the proper freight charge. Understanding the freight class can assist you in selecting the best shipping provider, which will save you money on costly billing revisions.


  • Obtain all necessary documentation from the shipper in the United States. At the absolute least, the shipper must produce a commercial invoice with the sale price and an accurate description of the objects being transported. The shipper may be required to provide additional documentation, such as a NAFTA certificate or Food and Drug Administration inspection certificates.


When shipping from the United States to Canada, be sure your carrier partner has your and your customs broker’s right contact information. The most expensive delays in cross-border transportation occur when the goods is delayed at the border for any length of time. If the carrier attempts to contact you or your customs agent in the middle of the night for extra information, you must be available or the truck will be denied entry.


The thought of shipping to the USA from Canada or visa versa there are no clear-cut of action. We have so many questions about it. What is the best way to ship from Canada to US? What paperwork is needed for freight transport from USA to Canada? 

What is the most economic US Canada freight forwarder? What is the cheapest shipping from Canada to US? What about customs & taxes? …

When moving LTL freight from Canada to the south or looking for a freight forwarder US to Canada, who can provide trucking services to transport your goods smoothly?

How to ship to US from Canada 

Hiring a professional cross-border shipping logistics company like Paige Logistics to manage the container shipping technicalities saves time and money, letting you focus on your business. 

We treat all container types of shipments like our own. Consider us as a white glove US-to-Canada freight forwarder who provides timely refrigerated trucking delivery, cross border rail intermodal transport  and collection for all goods including transporting exhibitor trade show freight.

Paige Logistics is the leading freight forwarder shipping from Canada to the USOur staff can send your goods cheaply and have ontime delivery.

Stay busy while we are shipping freight from Canada to US all tracked in real time! How can I move cargo to Canada cheaply?

Standard US-to-Canada postage services don’t guarantee delivery. Read further as we discuss freight Canada to USA logistics.

How do I ship from Canada to USA?

What is the best US to Canada shipping service?

Not only the best way for US to Canada logistics but the cheapest way to ship a container from US to Canada or visa versa. When looking for the best rate and the finest freight forwarder to Canada from US. Paige Logistics values our innovative tax, tariff, and customs procedures. 

Cheapest Shipping From USA to Canada

Shipping from canada to U.S. price changes daily. If you’re exporting  from the US to Canada or conducting machinery transport cross-border deliveries, to find the lowest rate for shipping from Canada to US. is to request a quote. 

Not to be compared with other Canada freight forwarder companies, we won’t tie you down to any unreasonably expensive agreements.

As a freight forwarder US to Canada, we have formed strategic connections.

The following information is required for the logistics company to perform freight shipping Canada to US:

• Package dimensions and weight

• The cost of your bundle

This includes the labels, invoices, and declaration paperwork necessary as a freight forwarder from the United States to Canada.

Unlike other Canada freight forwarders companies, we can handle all intermodal transport paperwork for you provide the best shipping cost US to Canada.

As a reshipper from the United States to Canada, we know how the cheapest way to ship.

cheapest shipping from canada

No matter how hefty, be it heavy haul shipping from Canada to the USA cost, heavy haul trucking to the US, or dry van freight shipping to Canada from the US is possible.

Find a shipping logistics company that can handle shipping container from Canada to US inventories without worrying about cross-border shipment details.

No point looking further for other shipping logistics companies to USA because Paige Logistics, is Canadian and a US freight forwarder who employs cutting-edge knowledge team to apply shipping incoterms and clear customs. We can manage LCL shipping containers from China to Canada, receive the drayage in Canada port and carry it on through to the USA

Across Canada Shipping

Paige Logistics will ensure that your clients receive the best possible pricing for freight US to Canada. A Canada freight quotation will provide you with complete transparency, including all Canadian taxes and charges.

We provide all of the resources to help Canadians with their online buying, whether it’s logistics, transportation, or warehousing. 

We can send your shipments or pallets via flatbed trucks or dry van anywhere in the United States. Manitoba, Alberta, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, and Saskatchewan are among the provinces.

The Challenges Of Shipping From USA To Canada

US Freight Forwarder

Why choose our US-to-Canada shipping? Great savings as we aim to be the best freight forwarder US to Canada. 

US-to-Canada freight forwarders may find it difficult and costlier Canada’s import duty tax differs from the US, making it time-consuming. US-to-Canada reshipping is inconvenient.

Canada’s size delays delivery. Canadian customs delays shipments. US-Canada freight forwarders need declarations to ship. Paige Logistics, can handle the paperwork for you.

We ask the right questions and simplify the process for your situation. Your cargo will be inspected by CBP (CBSA).

Restrictions on Imported goods to Canada

2 scenarios – Prohibitions and Restrictions

Prohibited items, freight shipping to Canada from US there are specific goods which are prohibited to, but with good reason!

Most of these classified goods are considered illegal or dangerous. For example weapons or obscene materials.

Restricted items can still be shipped; however, they need to adhere to specifications.

An example of this could be explosives, fireworks, and ammunition which require written documentation and permits.

Tax Payment for Shipping on items

Yes; you Pay a Goods and Services Tax (GST) and or duty. 

What is the Goods and Services Tax (GST) for Canada based on?

The calculation is based on the type, value, and where the item is being shipped from.

Other taxes do apply depending on the specific goods

For luxury items, expect to pay for excise tax.

If you’re interested to find out more –

Or you can just leave it up to us at Paige Logistics to manage your drayage and as a shipping forwarder US to Canada. 

Get a quote from us to take care of the small details for you!

What goods do you NOT have to pay Goods and Services Tax (GST)?

For goods that are valued at 60$ (CAN) or less that are considered as gifts from family/friends that live abroad.

Items that are worth less than $20 (CAN)

Online Shopping in Canada

Over 80% of Canadians have internet connection, however the extended delivery time may make online ordering cumbersome.

Retail e-commerce is expanding, especially among Canadian young. Local internet presence is possible because US shopping is most convenient. US is Canada’s second-largest trading partner after China.

Shipping is easier because Canada and the US are close. Paige Logistics expertise ensures smooth shipping!

Freight shipping USA to Canada. Are you looking to ship your business products?

Since some freight forwarder companies in USA don’t transport to Canada. Paige Logistics can help you stay ahead of your competitors with savings using DAP incoterms and work with the US to Canada freight forwarder by regularly reviewing our costs for competitive rates without compromising quality.

Striving as Canada’s best freight forwarder USA to Canada particularly for shipping over dimensional freight we have the connections and expertise to ship US goods to Canada.

Logistics in Canada

As a shipping forwarder USA to Canada, it can be costly. Canadians live far apart and on the southern border are a significant market for freight to USA.  As a US-to-Canada shipper, your products can be accessed swiftly after customs.

Why use a logistics company?

If your shipment gets rejected then you may have to consider reshipping it. However, if you use a USA freight forwarder or have the resources to source the best freight forwarders in the USA to manage your shipment of Canadian soil and allow it to be resent when needed. For best rates, is to choose freight forwarding companies in Canada. f

Best US to Canada Shipping Service or Best shipping from Canada to US.

Either way shipping from Canada to the USA can be quite complicated solving it on your own. Seamless China to Canada shipping and transferred onward to the USA, we take care of all of the fuss and ensure you are satisfied with a reshipper US to Canada. Your shipment from the quotation until its final destination.

Using a Canadian freight forwarder 3PL logistics company such as Paige Logistics – shipping from Canada to the USA we offer direct support, online confirmation, mobile notifications, and tracking. Therefore your satisfaction is guaranteed beyond other cross border shipping companies.

We are a full-service freight forwarder shipping Canada to USA enabling all types of shipping including China to Canada shipping and LCL shipping from Canada to the USA. Shipping takes 6–8 days. This includes LTL transshipments on skids in various forms of transport are popular for this.

Paige Logistics provides full truckload with dry van or flatbed cargo freight serviceYour package’s size and urgency in reaching Canada determines the cost of cross border shipping.

Fast-Paige Logistics offers rail intermodal freight services, which might save money if your cargo is not urgent.

Faster-Roadway logistics is a cost-effective way to deliver on time.

Fastest-We run departures between destinations with less than truckloads throughout the month (LTL).

This service will speed up delivery at truckload prices. We offer great discounts for normal and expedited shipping.

When looking for the best freight forwarders in the USA, or freight specialists shipping from Canada to California email us for a quote. We are transparent about flatbed and heavy haul all charges that are included with the cost of shipping. Including handling fees of freight from US to Canada, duties, taxes as well as surcharges. 

To determine the best route for a freight forwarder in USA to ship from Canada to USA or a reshipper US to Canada. Contact Paige Logistics. We conveniently pick up and deliver your shipment.

For worldwide shipping freight services China to Canada, you can expect delivery to be between 1 to 5 days depending on your shipment or otherwise the load can then be carried on shipping from Canada to the USA.

A popular option for this is to ship via a full truckload on a conestoga trailer or tarped flatbed for a US to Canada freight forwarder.

Economic Rates

The price depends on the size of your package and how urgently you need to arrive to its location in Canada.

Fast-At Paige logistics we offer freight forwarding US to Canada for rail intermodal freight and this can be an economical saver if your delivery is  not in a rush.

Faster-A great economic option is to use roadway logistics, which will allow for your delivery to arrive at a virtually appropriate time

Fastest-Throughout the month we have departures running between each destination with Less than truck loads (LTL). This service will essentially expedite your delivery as the at economic rates, similar to truckload transit times.

When seeking a freight forwarder Canada to US or freight forwarder US to Canada, or best reshipper US to Canada for the best economic rates for freight shipping from Canada to US time right.

Contact Paige Logistics services when comes to Shipping from Canada to US. We offer excellent value as Canada US Freight Forwarder for LTL or FTL expedited delivery freight. 

Did you know Paige Logistics excels in worldwide shipping?

We the Canadian leader in sea freight forwarding to service importers shipping from China to Canada. We have complete drayage services available. Learn about shipping incoterms and get into detail with DAP delivered at place services.

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