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BC To Manitoba LTL Freight Rates

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*Rates are Subject to Change Based on Market Conditions* 

LTL Vancouver to Manitoba Rates 

At Paige Logistics we move freight to and from all points with BC to Manitoba markets represent a regular eastbound departures for our LTL &  Full Truckload divisions.

We have one of Canada’s largest LTL freight transportation networks in Western Canada for regular and expedited services.

Moving goods across Canada couldn’t be easier with LTL or FTL  transportation to move from the port of Vancouver easterly to destinations that include Alberta, Saskatchewan and  Manitoba. We also offer Rail Intermodal service to all points east of Manitoba.


Do You Have Concerns Regarding Nationwide LTL Freight?


Paige Logistics has years of experience as a LTL carrier company including expertise in cross Canada trucking, we have solutions to save you money. 

How long does shipping take from BC to Manitoba?

Depending on pickup/drop-off locations and what you are shipping, BC transit times for ltl freight shipping Manitoba range between 5-8 days

LTL Shipping Vancouver BC Canada

Refrigerated LTL Freight from Vancouver BC to Manitoba

  • Prices quoted are “all in” pricing (fuel surcharge included)
  • 40’ container pallet capacity = 18 straight , 20 chimney block
  • 53’ reefer trailer pallet capacity = 26 straight, 28 chimney block
  • Temperature requirements must be clearly stated on bill of lading & load confirmation sheet
  • Waiting time: Anything over 2 hours loading or unloading would generate extra charges of $120/hr.
  • Additional picks/drops: Rate includes origin & destination. Any additional intermediate pickups or drops would be assessed at a rate of $75 per event.
  • TONU: If a truck is ordered and not used (cancelled without notice), a charge of $200 would apply.
  • Paige Logistics will attempt pickup and/or delivery with our highway trailers/containers. If a pickup or delivery is required at a location that cannot accommodate this equipment, then additional pickup or delivery fees would apply (for having to obtain and use a straight job partner carrier and advance notification will be required
  • Fresh and Frozen 2 times per week and dry freight 1 time a week

Shipping from Vancouver to Winnipeg

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We move LTL freight from Vancouver BC to Winnipeg MB

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Expanding a business across the nation presents formidable challenges, even for experienced entrepreneurs. The intricacies of managing cross-country freight transportation can be overwhelming, requiring both thorough attention to detail and a dependable logistics partner.

Imagine this scenario: you’re transporting temperature-sensitive goods from Vancouver to Winnipeg, a journey laden with potential obstacles.

A single oversight or error could disrupt your shipment. However, with Paige Logistics by your side, you navigate this complex landscape confidently.

Envision a partner who not only understands the intricacies of international logistics but also manages every aspect with meticulous care.

Paige Logistics handles everything from loading your drayage, containers, and dry bulk cargo onto the ideal vessel, to coordinating with multiple carriers and ensuring smooth transitions in dry van freight shipping.

With our support, you can relax knowing your shipment is in good hands, destined to arrive on time, every time.

Say goodbye to sleepless nights worrying about paperwork or missed logistics connections.

With Paige Logistics, nationwide LTL shipping is transformed into a streamlined, stress-free process. Your aspirations for business expansion are now more attainable than ever.

Know That Your Cargo is in Good Hands.

Making Yourself a More Effective Supplier

The BC to Manitoba corridor is a staple in commercial freight, yet for us at Paige Logistics, it represents a rhythm we’ve mastered through daily practice. We skillfully traverse this route each day, handling a diverse range of cargo—from compact skids to massive mining machinery.

But we don’t stop at the usual. We push limits, transporting specialized heavy equipment with the elegance of a ballet performance, utilizing flatbed trucks, floats, and even air freight to navigate efficiently.

Visualize your cargo, managed with meticulous precision and care, regardless of its dimensions or mass. The excitement builds when considering our standard transit times for this route—just 2-6 days, highlighting our commitment to speed.

However, we recognize that in logistics, timing is crucial. This is why we offer various services tailored to your specific needs. If you’re looking for an economical yet timely option, our Rail Intermodal service covers all destinations west of British Columbia.

For regular shipments that require moderate urgency, our dedicated transport or over-the-road services strike a perfect balance between cost and speed. And for those who prioritize rapid delivery, our Expedited LTL carrier service operates at near truckload speeds, ensuring your cargo arrives swiftly.

Moreover, our expertise transcends national borders. Whether you need regular or expedited international shipping, our services are designed to meet global demands, facilitating seamless international connections.

At Paige Logistics, every journey from the verdant expanses of British Columbia to the vast plains of Manitoba is a choreographed logistical operation. With us, your freight is more than just a parcel—it’s part of a performance where we ensure flawless execution. Discover the redefined world of logistics with Paige Logistics.

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