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Paige Logistics is among the leading international shipping companies freight forwarder located in greater Vancouver BC, Canada representing North America’s largest trucking companies and ocean carriers.

No matter what trailer type, even heavy haul transportation and temperature controlled trucks. All trucking services is comprised of eight solutions specializing in FCL freight, LCL freight, FTL freight, LTL freight, Heavy Haul trucking, Flatbed shipping, dry van freight shipping, and Reefer or Refrigerated trucking.

Whether you have a shipping container from China to Canada, shipping internationally or just shipping within Canada, our highly skilled logistics managers provide dedicated transport services to manage all of your shipping requirements.

Paige Logistics claimed Clutch's 2022 Global Rankings for

Best Container Shipping, Best Freight Forwarder Services

Best Trucking Companies in Canada

"We're experienced, fast and personal trucking company and our less-than-containerload LCL & less-than-truckload LTL shipping service is cost-effective! We have the shipping agility to adapt to your needs, one load at a time, day after day!"
Alexander Crane Founder and CEO of Paige Logistics Ltd.
Alex Crane
President & CEO

Take back control of your Logistics Costs. We can handle it.
We Make You Shine On Your Most Important Days.

Award Winning Trucking Consultants in Canada

Paige Logistics‘ best-in-class LTL less-than-truckload shipping and FTL full-truckload services are driven by one of the largest semi-trailer trucks network in Canada with over 80 terminals coast to coast.

This infrastructure allows Paige logistics to deliver the most direct coverage across North America, including urban and rural locations including expedited drayage warehousing services and logistics.

Grouped among the top semitrucking companies in Canada. We offer North America’s largest network of high-quality, pre-screened carriers to boost your truckload strategy for shipping over dimensional freight. This simplifies the increasingly fragmented refrigerated truckingmoving services and FTL & LTL truckload industry.

We can optimize your supply chain by handling your full truckload freight (FTL). Drayage, intermodal transport, warehousing, and equipment are all available from us.

After all, our trucks deliver almost 58 million miles per year. We provide multiple delivery options, industry-leading transit times and provide reliable, low-cost full truckload capacity. 

Our intermodal freight carriers are offering flatbed stepdeck transportation, reefer trucks and drayage services and deliver freight safely and securely with our open-deck trucking services, regardless of specifications.

Ready to work with you to provide industry-specific, bespoke solutions, our logistics managers are transportation professionals, for even the most problematic shipments.

We employ the latest technology to streamline the logistics services cargo lifecycle, optimize your truckload RFP process, increase visibility, and boost shipment efficiency.

Our freight transportation firms professionals will monitor market trends, operate as an extension of your team, and provide business-specific solutions.

What distinguishes our trucking services?

Work with Paige Logistics to integrate expedited service warehousing and logistics so your organization be enabled to readily adapt to market changes and unexpected events.

Avoid risk and control spending with our industry-leading technologies. We automate your shipment’s whole route overseas shipping from China to Canada.

Work with our construction logistics supply chain experts to create a customized transportation strategy using immediate market rates coupled with our transportation management software.

Paige Logistics aims to optimize your supply chain!

We’ll identify Canada’s top trucking businesses. Find dry vans, refrigerated trucks, flatbed trucks, and supersized heavy duty machinery transport vehicles. We also provide expedited service warehousing for drayage,  and specialty trailers such as stepped gooseneck or removable trailers.

Our expedited service warehousing and logistics multimodal shipping partners can satisfy all your hauling needs!

Discuss our tarped flatbed trucking services. Transports massive amounts of goods in an open, flat trailer with expanded capacities. Flatbed trailers transport a variety of goods due to their agility and ease of usage. Offering machinery transport trucking consulting services for specialized flatbed stepdeck transportation.

Flatbed low loaders can handle open-top containers that are larger than closed-top containers. Shipping containers, pallets, long concrete pipes and rebar, heavy haul machinery and cranes, and other vehicles are examples of typical loads for flatbeds.

Agricultural, building, scrap metal, and military equipment are typically delivered this way too upon flatbed trucks to transport shipping containers to docks for loading onto cargo ships.

We are devoted to having the most extensive knowledge on all American trucking services, world-wide shipping including cross-border drayage services to or from Canada or the United States. 

How are trucking costs calculated?

If you are seeking LTL freight costs, learn to calculate right way buy determining the correct LTL Freight Classification.

If you’re running a business that relies on the transportation of goods, you’ll need to understand how trucking costs are calculated. This is critical to managing your expenses and ensuring your profits aren’t eaten up by transportation costs.

There are several key factors that determine the cost of trucking. The first is the distance that needs to be covered. The farther the distance, the higher the cost. This is because the truck will need more fuel, and the driver will need to spend more time on the road.

The weight of the goods being transported is another critical factor. Heavier goods require more fuel and larger trucks, which will increase the cost.

The type of goods being transported also matters. For instance, hazardous materials may require special handling and transport permits, which can add to the cost. Temperature controlled freight also requires refrigerated conestoga trailers reefer trucks or refrigerated trucks.

Fuel costs are another critical factor in calculating trucking costs. Diesel fuel prices can vary significantly depending on factors such as supply and demand, season, and geopolitical events.

Equipment costs, such as trucks, trailers, and other accessories, are also important considerations. Labor costs, including driver salaries, benefits, and insurance, are another key factor that affects the cost of trucking.

Trucking companies must also comply with a range of regulations, such as those related to safety, emissions, and transportation of hazardous materials. Compliance with these regulations can increase the cost of trucking.

To calculate trucking costs, you’ll need to add up all of these expenses, including fuel, equipment, labor, and compliance costs, and divide by the distance traveled or weight of goods transported.

The exact method of calculation may vary between companies, but these factors are typically taken into consideration.

In summary, calculating trucking costs is a complex process that requires careful consideration of many factors.

Understanding these factors is crucial to managing your transportation expenses and maintaining profitability in your business.

Renowned for, based on their reputation for excellence and innovation in the logistics and transportation industry.  Paige Logistics has distinguished itself best in the field through its award-winning specialized trucking services, tailored to meet the diverse and specific needs of their clients.

Their expertise encompasses a range of freight types and transportation modalities, ensuring efficient, reliable, and safe delivery of goods across North America.

The company’s commitment to leveraging advanced technology and a customer-focused approach has significantly contributed to its recognition and awards within the industry.

For more detailed insights into their specialized trucking solutions and the awards they have received, I recommend visiting the Paige Logistics website directly.

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