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Paige Logistics specializes in delivering complete managed heavy machinery transportation solutions in the Canada.

Our heavy haul clients include some of the world’s largest mining companies as well as businesses in the industrial sector that are expanding their facilities, modifying production lines and calling on our specialized heavy equipment trailers to move their heavy machines throughout Canada.

Paige Logistics services team has the capacity, experience, and technical expertise necessary to transfer your precious machinery to any location.

We promise client satisfaction and deliver your treasured possessions with extreme care.

Leave it construction logistics to challenge you on how to transport heavy machinery. Give us a call!

Our staff can always be counted on to devise the optimal machinery transport strategy including the right trailer type for any piece of equipment and carry it securely from one location to another.

We have all of the necessary equipment for shipping over dimensional freight safely and affordably.

Our knowledgeable trucking services professionals and transport employees are accessible around the clock to transport machinery.

Your Transportation Guide for Heavy Machinery Serving Canada and the United States

Consider the following: colossal turbines, formidable bulldozers, and towering cranes—the backbone of industrial progress. Despite their crucial role in shaping our world, the transportation of these massive devices is not a simple task. An exploration of the realm of conveyance heavy machinery reveals an intricate network of obstacles that require a high degree of skill and accuracy.

The transportation of heavy machinery is a subsector of the heavy haul industry, which handles enormous and massive objects. It requires specialized trailers and vehicles capable of towing apparatus and equipment weighing thousands of pounds or more.

Safety and efficiency are of the utmost importance when transporting large equipment. Transporting weighty equipment necessitates meticulous planning, adherence to regulations, and the utilization of specialized machinery.

A well-coordinated transportation system is essential for promoting economic expansion and infrastructure development in Canada and the United States, where heavy machinery is frequently used in industry.

A wide variety of heavy apparatus is utilized across diverse industries. Transportation of heavy equipment is commonly employed in the construction, industrial, oil and gas, military, agricultural, maritime, and forestry sectors.

The cargo may include backhoes, excavators, loaders, graders, and rock vehicles, among other heavy machinery.

Acceptance of Diversity: Heavy Machinery and Equipment Types

One of the most formidable challenges in the transportation of heavy machinery is managing the extensive diversity of equipment that must be transported.

Industrial equipment, including turbines and generators, as well as enormous construction equipment like bulldozers, excavators, and generators, each have distinct conveyance requirements.

Due to the shear size, weight, and fragility of certain pieces of machinery, careful transportation planning and specialized handling are required.

Addressing the Titans: Restrictions on Weight and Size

The shipping of large machinery is beset by formidable obstacles in the shape and form of size and weight restrictions. Frequently, these enormous machines surpass standard road weight restrictions, which require the acquisition of specialized permits.

Weight distribution emerges as a critical strategy, imperative for the maintenance of both the machinery and the transportation vehicles.

Violators of these regulations may face financially burdensome penalties, disruptions to their projects, or even legal disputes. Cargo that surpasses the following thresholds is classified as a heavy burden by the government:

– total vehicle weight of 80,000 pounds; – single axle weight of 20,000 pounds; – tandem axle weight of 34,000 pounds;

A Guide to Permits and Road Regulations: Navigating the Regulatory Maze

The pathway to effective heavy machinery conveyance is fraught with regulatory complexities. The Department of Transportation is in charge of every region, including states and provinces in the United States and Canada, respectively, but each has its own set of transportation restrictions.

Road or highway restrictions, rigorous travel schedules, and specialized routes for heavy cargo are a few examples. Acquiring the necessary authorizations requires a multifaceted interplay of information exchange, coordination with local governing bodies, and communication.

The Wrath of Nature: Terrain and Weather Considerations

Additionally, nature assumes a significant function in this epic tale of transportation. Unpredictable meteorological phenomena, including snowstorms, torrential downpours, and extreme temperatures, present substantial risks to human life and complicate operational processes.

Moreover, endeavours to access remote or challenging regions may be impeded by the hazardous topography, which comprises rough ridges, precipitous descents, and narrow pathways.

The ability to adjust strategies in response to seasonal variations and implement versatile approaches are essential for vanquishing these inherent adversaries.

Transport firms such as Paige Logistics Ltd. can provide dependable solutions to Canadian and American industries, thereby contributing to the expansion and improvement of vital infrastructure and projects in the region.


Heavy Machinery Moving & Haulage

Heavy Machinery Transport

Heavy Equipment Shipping

Paige Logistics offers a variety of machinery transport options and provides all types of flatbed vehicles to ensure the safe delivery of heavy equipment.

Paige Logistics offers modern technology and ability to successfully remove, transfer, and install a wide range of machinery and equipment, backed by a wealth of experience. We can handle your large shipping difficulties, whether they come from within or outside of Canada.

We provide a one-stop shop for all heavy equipment shipping logistics, from packing and forwarding to storage. This allows you to reduce the amount of resources you need to invest in project management.

Our top rated truck, machinery, and construction equipment transportation services have been certified numerous times and have always came out on top. 

A modern fleet of heavy duty transportation vehicles, as well as specialized machinery and equipment for lifting and moving large machines. Mechanical installation bundle included.

We provide specialist machinery transfer services for over dimensional freight. We make available to you a comprehensive international network of expert correspondents that will ensure the success of our shipments.

Paige Logistics provides high-quality services and adheres strictly to deadlines and dates agreed upon with our customers.

We have over 40 years of expertise transporting industrial gear, and this long journey has allowed us to refine our logistics services for all of our customers.

During this time, we have been able to adapt our machinery transport and the rest of our services to the various technological advances that have appeared, allowing us to offer very comprehensive services such as real-time tracking of your goods, individual advice to all of our clients, multimodal transport services, and tailor-made solutions.

Transport of machinery by land, and sea

We can help you relocate your machines, whether you need to move them a short distance as part of an internal factory production line machine relocation project or thousands of miles by rail intermodal to a new factory.

Our procedure begins with a site evaluation to determine the project’s specifications and ensure that the heavy haul equipment can be safely hoisted and transported in accordance with all applicable safety regulations.

Checking for any abnormal cargo that may require an escort or traffic regulation order is a part of this procedure.

With our extensive fleet, we can accommodate any of our customers’ machinery relocation needs.

Each of our cargo trailers has its own custom tackle box, and for more complex tasks, we have a tackle van. Each tackle van is stocked with draw lifts and furnished with jacks and machine-moving skates.

A variety of slings are also available to accommodate the various machine weights. The vehicle contains lanyard restraints, harnesses, and fall arrest equipment, among other pieces of PPE.

Before beginning any removal or heavy haul transportation work, we always submit a comprehensive Health & Safety manifest for their approval. If a client has a question or wants to make a change, we can readily comply with their requests.

All transportation-related initiatives include a comprehensive method statement outlining the necessary procedures. All plant gear and equipment that will be used on the project has accompanying safe operating procedures (SOPs), and we also provide a complete set of training records for our operators and inspection certificates for any hoisting plant equipment that will be utilized.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are looking for premier, specialized transportation services heavy machinery transport companies to assist with your construction logistics.

Whether you need to transport heavy machinery as part of an internal machinery move, a machine removal, a factory relocation, or the installation of new machinery, you can rest assured that every step of our haulage services will be meticulously planned to minimize costs and maximize efficiency.

Understanding your heavy hauling conveyance rate can be challenging. These are the most essential expense factors to consider.

At Paige Logistics we make heavy equipment shipping and shipping your pallet simple and fast and easy as handling your mammoth loads. To fully understand the admin side of  hiring a specialized flatbed truck and shipping we made this handy dandy freight forwarding admin resource for you to take away. 

Shipping a container from China to Canada couldn’t be easier. Our Canadian Logistics services  cross-border Canada to USA connections and seamless Canada to California trucking bring shipping calmly to new heights. Next time search for heavy equipment transport near me or machine transport services near me and we will appear.


Guide to oversize/overweight vehicles and loads

BC Trucking Association 

Freight Carriers Association of a Canada

Oversized Load Vs Wide Load

Machine transport services near me


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